Instructions for SCIS presenters and discussants

The aim of the SCIS presentations is to stimulate a qualified and lively debate about the papers. We have, therefore, allocated 40 minutes to each paper. Furthermore, the discussion of each paper will be introduced by a discussant who has read the paper beforehand and prepared a short commentary and questions. This will be followed by a general Q&A session.

Thus, the 40 minutes allocated to each paper is divided as follows (time limits are strict!!)

  • Presentation by the author(s): 20 minutes
  • Comments from discussant and discussion: 10 minutes
  • General discussion: 10 minutes


Please come to the plenary room in the break before your session, so we can upload your presentation.

When preparing, please remember that time is limited and the 20 minutes allocated for the presentation cannot be extended.


Prepare a short (~5 minutes) response to the paper and some questions suitable for a stimulating debate. If your presentation includes slides, please arrive in the plenary room before the session begins, so we can upload the slides.