The conference opens at 14.00 Sunday 10. August. Lunch is served from 12 noon.

The conference closes at 12.30, Wednesday 13 August.

Instructions for SCIS presenters and discussants

Time Sunday 10 Monday 11 Tuesday 12 Wednesday 13
07:00 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
08:30 Keynote: Helen Sharp IRIS papers Panel: Meet the editors
09:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee
10:00 IRIS papers IRIS papers Keynote: Vincent Hendricks
11:30 Closing session
12:00 Arrival/Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:30 Lunch/Departure
13:30 SCIS papersSession 2See details below SCIS papersSession 3See details below
14:00 Opening session
14:30 Keynote: Jesper Simonsen
15:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee
16:00 SCIS papersSession 1See details below IRIS games Panel: The Future of IRIS
17:00 Business meeting
18:00 Board meetings
18:30 SJIS Reception
19:00 Dinner Dinner and prizes Conference dinner
20:00 IRIS groups planning

Overview of SCIS sessions

Session 1Sunday 10 August 16 -18 Andrey Maglyas, Kari Smolander: “Eight types of relationships between stakeholders in ERP development networks: a case study of three large enterprises” 

Jeffry S. Babb, Rashina Hoda, Jacob Nørbjerg: “XP in a Small Software Development Business: Adapting to Local Constraints”

Elina Annanperä, Kari Liukkunen: “Service Design and Coevolution of an Emerging SME Wellness Ecosystem”

Discussant:Christian Koch 

Discussant:Lene Pries-Heje


Discussant:Bendik Bygstad

Session 2Monday 11 August1330 – 1530 Lars Haahr:”Wrestling with Social Media on Information Systems’ Home Ground”

Erik Kristiansen, Jan Pries-Heje, Richard L. Baskerville: “Designing Scientific Creativity”


Judith Molka-Danielsen, Ole David Brask: “Designing Virtual Collaboration Environment for Distance Learners: Exploring Socialization as a Basis for Collaboration”

Discussant:Virpi TuunainenDiscussant:Tuure Tuunanen



Discussant:Christina Keller

Session 3Tuesday 12 August1330 – 1530 Ada Scupola, Hanne Westh Nicolajsen: “The Impact of Enterprise Crowdsourcing on Company Innovation Culture: The case of an engineering consultancy”

Olav Poppe, Johan Sæbø, Petter Nielsen: “Architecting in Large and Complex Information Infrastructures”
Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou, Miria Grisot:”Electronic Communication between Citizens and Healthcare Practitioners: an Analysis of Practitioner Reported Obstacles”

Discussant: Ulrika Lundh Snis 

 Discussant: Peter Axel Nielsen



Discussant: Keld Bødker